You need a generator.

We all know what load-shedding is, right? And we all know how frustrating it is, even if we are lucky enough to look at our relevant schedules in time. But most of all, we all know how unproductive we are during the periods of load-shedding, especially when the power is out twice in one day.

Let’s face it…all businesses need electricity, from the travelling plumber who needs to email invoices out at the end of the day, to the home baker who desperately needs her oven to work throughout the day, to the larger business who employs 100s of people only to have them inefficient and unproductive for 2 hours a day.

Now, there doesn’t seem to be any light on exactly how long load-shedding will go on for, but it is expected to last for a number of years (some of the Eskom generators will only be able to deliver power into the grid in 2020), and certainly every day until the end of May 2015.

So, really, what I’m getting at is…if you have a small or large business, it would be beneficial to you, and your respective customers, if you had a generator. Let Skivvy do the research you need to find the generator that best fits your company and budget.

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